Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are another insect that is a parasite. Bedbugs have become more common recently in the Santa Clara County. It seems that there are some common factors we have found associated with bedbug infestations. Travel to others states and countries can be a way of transportation, visitors from other states or countries bringing them to the home, children/adults spending the night at other homes that may have bedbugs or moving into a home where bedbugs are already established. Bedbugs tend to take a while for the homeowner to identify. The bites are itchy and red (the intensity of the itch depends on the individual’s allergy) and occur during the night when the bedbugs come out in search of a blood meal. The bedbugs will generally infest the bed frame and/or nearby furniture so they won’t be far from the host and will come out each night to feed. One of the easiest ways to identify a bedbug problem is that normally blood spots will be found on the sheets. As the bedbug feeds it will excrete blood that causes these spots. When examining the bed for bedbugs, they or their evidence can be found in folds or gathers of the mattress. box spring, bedding or in the bed frame and rails. Using a flashlight at night can also be a way of finding bedbugs on the move. Bedbugs generally require the help of a professional exterminator. Treatment of the bed, baseboards and other areas such as bed stands need to be treated. Bedding needs to be washed routinely and eradication can take time. One treatment may not be enough and patience is required. When most people have bedbugs identified, patience becomes very difficult for the homeowner.

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