Bees, Wasps & Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets, Honey Bees and Wasps are the most common bee problems you are confronted with when trying to enjoy outside activities.

Since Yellow Jackets and Wasps are carnivorous (meat eaters) they tend to swarm in just when you’ve “sparked the barbie”. The smell of meats and foods attract these annoying pests and many times they win and everyone ends up inside.

Yellow Jackets can nest almost anywhere. They get in the attic, behind the stucco or siding, trees, the ground and bushes. If a nest is located in the structure or on your property, the remedy is to kill the nest, thus ending that problem.

Wasps make a round, paper type nest that vary in size usually located under the roof eaves or patio overhangs. The wasp tends the nest diligently packing insects in the cells you see in the photo below. The insects will be food for the developing baby wasp in the cell. Once the larva wasp is fully developed, it will emerge and begin the process all over again. Wasps are not normally aggressive when left undisturbed.

Honey Bees are pollinators. They are not carnivorous (meat eaters) like their cousins the Yellow Jacket and Wasp. Honey Bees gather nectar and pollen from flowers and return it to the nest. The Honey bees work diligently turning the nectar and pollen into wax and honey. The Honey bee nest is made of the wax they produce and the honey is “food” for the larva which is packed into the cells. The cells are the incubator for the baby (larva) bees. Each bee is tended in a manner that will dictate the type of honey bee they become. They feed and tend the bees differently to produce a “Drone Bee” (reproducers), “Worker Bee” (collectors) or “Queen Bee” (egg layers). If they need to produce a new Queen Bee, they will feed several larva bees specially with “Royal Jelly” (special honey) to produce the Queens, once the Queens emerge a fight between them will ensue until only one Queen survives and become the New Queen Bee for the nest.

What does Bay-Valley do?

What if the Yellow Jacket or Wasp nest is not on your property? Well, that is definitely more challenging. If the nest can’t be killed then you’re stuck with the problem. We have developed a method to deal with nests not in your yard as described below.

Yellow Jacket nests on your property: We locate the nest and inject a material that has a residual to kill the adult bee, and the larva as well.

It is important to be sure to consider the larva (baby bees) that are still in the nest after the adult bees are gone. Using a product that will kill the adult and emerging bees is necessary for successful treatment of a Bee nest.

Yellow Jacket nests not on your property: Yellow Jackets and most various types of bees will forage quite a distance from where the nest resides. So, you may have a barbecue or be at a picnic and as soon as you bring out the food and drinks…… Yellow Jackets arrive. They smell the food or smoke, it’s like a beacon bringing them in.

We have many customers who entertain outdoors. They may have parties, receptions or frequent summer barbecues and people literally can’t go outside until dark when the bees go back to the nest. People with pools and kids have difficulty picnicking outside because of the yellow jackets.

Yellow Jacket Baiting Method

These nests are located somewhere off their property. We make a bait designed for the yellow jacket to bring the bait to the nest and feed it to the larva. This process kills both the adults and larva.

Bee baiting is not in overnight remedy and bait must be replenished approximately once a week for at least three weeks. Some homeowners need to have the baiting done for almost the whole summer because there may be multiple nests surrounding their home or neighborhood.

People living in the more rural areas, (in or near foothills, near fields, parks etc…) tend to have more bee activity and bee baiting may be the only option if they want to use their yard.

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