Commercial Services

Bay-Valley Pest Control, inc. offers a variety of pest control services specifically for Commercial Properties. We work closely with your facilities staff to ensure pest problems are handled correctly and efficiently. Some common problems are:

  • Ants, earwigs, sow bugs and roaches entering the building
  • Spiders and webs around doorways
  • Cafeterias and lunch rooms with roaches or ants
  • Rodent activity.

Some of the services we offer are described below:

Grounds Maintenance Service: Periodic treating of the grounds including planters, concrete and perimeters of the building helps control migrations and breeding of various crawling insects. When the grounds are treated regularly, fewer instances of certain insects enter the building and disrupt business.

Spray, granular and bait products are available to treat the grounds and are determined by your Bay-Valley Service Technician on each service.

I.P.M. Reporting: Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) is a process designed to report conditions that create or have the potential to create pest problems. Sometimes it is possible to correct certain pest problems without chemical applications by simply cleaning up or removing a condition that is attracting insect or rodent activity. Bay-Valley Pest Control will report these conditions to your facilities staff so you may correct these conditions.

Cafeteria and Lunch Rooms: Food handling and storage areas are monitored for insect activity. Insect problems occurring in these areas are handled with baits or sprays depending on the insect problem. Generally roaches and ants are handled with bait products. Sanitation issues we find will be reported to the proper manager so these conditions can be corrected for more effective control.

Interior Services: Problems occurring inside the building are handled on an as needed basis by calling our office. Generally commercial buildings will have periodic problems with ants, earwigs and sow bugs coming inside. We try to correct these problems from the outside since ants generally nest outside in the soil then trail in. If inside problems with ants cannot be corrected from the outside, then generally baits are used and business is not disrupted.

Rodent Monitoring and Control: We monitor for rodent activity and conditions that may allow rodents to come into the building. Each service when our Technician visits the property for the regular pest control service, we will report conditions we find and offer recommendations for correction.

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