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We Can Make Your Home or Business Pest-Free

Our priority at Bay-Valley Pest Control is to keep your home or business free of any kind of infestation. Regardless of whether you want a one-time visit (only for certain pest problems) or choose an ongoing service plan, we truly care about keeping your environment safe, healthy and pest free. When you hire our San Jose pest control experts, you can expect nothing but the highest level of work and customer service.

Our team frequently provides extermination services for:

Bay-Valley Pest Control – Locating the Problem, Finding The Solution, Getting Results!

If you have been experiencing signs of infestation in your home or business, call us at your earliest convenience. Left unchecked, pest infestation problems can start out small but rapidly grow larger in very little time if nothing is done to stop it. At Bay-Valley Pest Control, we can put an end to pest issues before they become a major infestation that can affect the usability and value of your property.

Advanced Pest Elimination

We use products that keep on working up to 30 days after application, a maintenance service would be recommended for migrating insects – so that once the residual effect of the product is gone, periodic applications would need to be reapplied to control new pests arriving to your property and home. Our visits to your home or property are fast and affordable, and we can handle pest control problems both in the interior and exterior of your building. You can choose a single visit (only for certain pest problems) from our pest control experts, or if you’re experiencing an ongoing problem, you can opt for a Monthly, Bi-Monthly (one service every other calendar month) or adjustable service plan.

Contact Our Office Today!

At Bay-Valley Pest Control we are eager to please customers experiencing home or business pest problems. Our helpful staff will work on your property to resolve any infestation problems that you’re experiencing! Call our office to consult with our professional staff by calling our San Jose pest control experts at (408) 370-1603.

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