Wake up to ants on the kitchen counter? In the pantry? The dishwasher? In the coffee pot?? Ha! I knew I’d mention something that got your attention. Sometimes they feel like they’re just everywhere!

Most people find ants only a problem when they invade their personal space. I think the experts consider “personal space” about a three foot diameter from where you stand. So it’s no wonder we at Bay-Valley Pest Control get calls ranging from “well, they just started”, to “I just can’t take it anymore!


Ants, by nature are a social insect, meaning they live in groups much like a human society. Ants create colonies, where they work together for the sake of the colony. They have a queen (sometimes multiple queens) who is in charge of laying eggs, and a variety of other types of ants with different specific jobs relating to how the colony is maintained. There are worker ants, drones, scouts etc. The colony has a nursery, a garbage area and other areas for specific ant reasons.


Most ants nest in the ground and then go out in search of what they need. When what they need is found, they march in, get the food or water, and trail back to the colony… then do it all over again. Ever notice how ants are a two lane freeway going both directions?

Generally when you find ants in your house or flower beds they are searching for, or gathering nutrients that the colony needs including proteins, carbohydrates and/or water.

Ant Control

Our objective is to keep ants at a low population in the yard and exclude them from the house when possible. Ants are a migrating insect that will come in from the street outside the property line, or from neighboring yards. Ants will colonize under concrete patios, porches, garages, house, lawns, near pools and spas, flower beds, etc..

When treating the yard or property we can be very successful in getting the nests in more open areas like flower beds and lawns. It is more challenging for us when they’re nested under concrete or houses.

By treating cracks and crevices in the concrete we are trying to set up barriers and deal with the ants where they enter and exit from. If ants are coming inside the house from these protected areas we may need to spot treat specific areas in the home (where the ants are entering) to stop them from continuing to come in.


A maintenance service is normally recommended (monthly or bi-monthly treating) because, normally by the time “you can’t take it anymore” the ants have already established themselves and built up a huge population. With the added circumstances pertaining to your yard and concrete work, it may take time to effectively knock the population down. Once the population is down then it needs to be periodically treated to keep it under control. See our page on Residential Services or Commercial Services for more information on our services.

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