We deal with three primary types of cockroaches in the Santa Clara County.

1. German Cockroaches (indoor roaches)

2. Oriental Cockroaches (primarily outdoor roaches)

3. American Roaches (primarily outdoor roaches)

German Cockroaches

Adult German Cockroaches are about 1/2 to 3/4 inch long, tan with two black vertical line just behind the head. They average 30 eggs per capsule (one egg capsule holds 30 babies inside) which is carried by the female until ready hatch. It takes only three months for the babies to mature into reproducing adults. Although these roaches have wings, they do not fly.

German cockroaches are mostly found in restaurants, homes and apartments. They are introduced into the environment and if the humidity and a sanitation problem is present, they will thrive.

In restaurants that do not have a sanitation problem, the german roach can be transported in on shipments of produce, boxes, linens and anything else that comes from an environment where roaches are already present. Combined with the humidity of commercial kitchens and the equipment for food processing and the normal food debris, the roaches can get out of control if not dealt with when the first roach is seen.

Correct and efficient monitoring and baiting is the first approach of the service Technician, along with reporting to the owner/manager of areas that need to cleaned and cleared of clutter. Unusually moist areas, unpainted wood and grease collectors (like drains and exhaust hoods) are noted and pointed out to be cleaned. It is also recommended to unpack boxes outside the facility and then bring the contents in, this way you reduce or isolate where and how the roaches arrive inside.

German Roaches in homes and apartments.
Several circumstances can occur.

1. Poor Sanitation.
2. Transported into home or apartment.
3. Roaches traveling through wall voids and along plumbing lines from one apartment to another.

1. Poor Sanitation.

The biggest roach problems are a result of sanitation! Poor sanitation, clutter, multiple families, cooking with lots of steam or grease and excess garbage will allow roaches to over run a house or apartment.

For successful control in this situation the home or apartment must be cleaned to the point of almost sterilization! Mop floors, wash walls, clean behind the refrigerator, clean the stove and hood, try to keep the garbage receptacle outside or emptied daily and remove clutter in drawers and cabinets. Even with these efforts, a Monthly service will be recommended for at least three months (with no guarantee, because success is dependent on the resident changing their lifestyle) and the monthly service may be necessary for as long as they live there.

2. Transporting Roaches

The next Situation leading to German roaches in a home or apartment is through transportation. This is where a new homeowner or tenant moves into a roach free dwelling and brings roaches with them in the luggage, boxes and appliances. Again, maintaining good sanitation and a Monthly service for at least three months will be recommended.

3. Traveling through walls and plumbing

The last major reason for German roaches in an apartment style buildings is connecting walls and common plumbing. You may not be creating the roaches problem, but your neighbor may have them and as a result, the roaches travel along the plumbing lines, and wall voids to your apartment. A monthly service for you will again be recommended and if possible involving the landlord. Involving the owner of the unit causing the problem is ideal. If cooperation is not possible, then monthly servicing will probably be needed until circumstances change.

Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental Roaches are a large blackish “beetle looking” insect that can get about two and a half inches long. They are nocturnal and require a lot of water (which is why they don’t do well in the house). Most people see them first in the garage or the patio when using these areas at night. During the day the oriental roaches flatten themselves down and slip under or in tight cervices until nightfall when they can go back out and forage.

Oriental Roaches are nothing like the previously mentioned German roaches. Oriental Roaches are ground dwelling roaches and are normally found in the garage or on the patios in the evening or very early mornings. Although they can accidentally find themselves inside your home, they are not normally a result of a sanitation problem. Although, if you give them a heap of debris in the yard or have an overgrown yard…. they will thrive quite nicely.

The Oriental cockroach can be found in almost every neighborhood in the Santa Clara County now. Due to our excellent climate and high people population, miles and miles of sewage lines and storm drains, these roaches travel everywhere and by the thousands. When oriental roaches first arrive in a neighborhood they arrive from sewage lines and storm drains and quickly invade the neighborhood especially in the spring and summer. Once they’re there they are there for good (just like ants or earwigs and other migrating insects).

American Cockroaches

American Cockroaches are very much like the Oriental Roaches. They are primarily outdoor roaches and are not as common as the Oriental Roaches. They get approximately 2″ long. Adults are reddish brown and have a yellowish coloring at the sides and behind the head.

The American roach average 15 eggs per capsule and take over 1 year to mature into reproducing adults. They prefer warm, damp areas such as sewers, basements and boiler rooms.

Servicing for American roaches has the same servicing recommendations as the Oriental Roaches, Monthly or Bi-Monthly Service.

Servicing for Oriental and American roaches is performed Monthly or Bi-Monthly depending on how much control you need and how high the population is at your home. By discussing your circumstances and tolerance with our office we can recommend a frequency of service that you will be happy with. See our page on Residential Services or Commercial Services for more information on the services we offer.

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