Flea Prep Sheet

Indoor flea treatments normally includes: All carpeted areas, baseboards, under beds and non-leather furniture in living rooms and family rooms (certain furniture covering cannot be treated).


  • Kitchen: Put all food and utensils away (in cabinets or drawers) including fruit, butter dishes, salt and pepper shakers etc
  • Pick up all loose items from off the floors in all rooms: shoes, books, magazines, clothing, animal food and water dishes, toys, ect.
  • If possible tell the technician where your pets usually sleep or rest in the house (Flea life cycles are normally found in those areas).
  • Remove items from under the beds
  • Vacuum carpets and rugs
  • Vacuum furniture and under cushions especially when animals sleep
  • Wash pet bedding
  • Aquariums must be removed or air filters turned off during the treatment, you can additionally cover the top with a towel or newspaper (turn off lighting as well).
  • Vacuum often after the service to stimulate hatching. The more that hatch during the first two weeks the quicker they die.
  • There is a two week waiting period before we can retreat. We need to allow time for everything to work.

All people and pets need to be out of the house for 3 to 4 hours. If there is any lingering odors, air house for 15 minutes before reentry (open doors and windows)


Fleas will be found in “hot spots”. Hot Spots are where animals spend a lot of time (see our flea page for more information on the fleas life cycle). Advise the technician of areas where your pets spend time sleeping, resting, eating, drinking and where they potty. In homes/yards where there are no pets the problem can be coming from stray animals using your yard during the night (cats, opossum, raccoons, deer ect). The yard will be treated according to this information.

  • Routine yard work should be done before the service -cut grass, cut overgrown weeds, raking, blowing ect.
  • Please pick up dog droppings, the technician may reschedule the treatment if there are too many droppings in the yard
  • Remove animal food and water dishes
  • Let our office or the technician know if there is an animal living under the house or deck (this could be a major source of the flea problem and should be very discouraged)
  • Try to avoid watering for a couple days if possible
  • Have your gates unlocked if your not going to be home
  • People and pets will need to be out of the yard until the products are dry (about 15 minute to half hour)


If your pet is not being treated for fleas, get them on a flea program such as Advantage. You can consult with your Vet for advice. Flea collars and flea baths are not sufficient when there is a flea problem in your home or yard

If you have any other questions, please call our office at (408) 370-1603.

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